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  March 20th, 2019 by Atintofgreen

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  March 20th, 2019 by freeroma

“Have you had any feelings of depression in the last two weeks?”
Nope, not going through those questions again, not doing enough to get an official diagnosis so i can avoid the questions each visit. Ive felt plenty in the past couple days, let alone fortnight…

On the positive side, i dont have any STDs or Is or whatever they wanna call em these days. Not like sex is on the priority list, but i guess its good to know im not carrying something.

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Obstacles and Intimacy

  March 20th, 2019 by Night In Atlantis

They both lapsed into silence, each aware that they’d lost something which was building between them. Winter had set in around them, and there’ll be no spring.

Yet, just maybe, the rhythmic dance of communication is a substitute for and serves as a defence against intimacy. For as long as something happens, nothing can happen. The mutual acceptance of a period of transition then acquires new meaning, and once the vulnerability and uncertainty are overcome, lasting dialogue can flourish.

Or am I the fool?

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Empty, tired

  March 19th, 2019 by heartlessviking

I know that most of the time lately I’ve been feeling better, and it would be better if I didn’t spiral just because some of the depressed feelings are starting again…

Life is good at least by all measures that anyone else cares about. I’m working on a degree in a double major I like, I have shelter, lots of stuff that I wanted/want, people that care about me. It seems like I should feel blessed, and usually I do.

No matter what I do though I can’t run from that feeling deep down that I’ve sold out. Worse still I sold out for cheap. For some …

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am i depressed, suicidal, normal, wtf

  March 19th, 2019 by Gary

im having a hard time understanding normal. i seem to be in this ponder mode questioning life and its normal. i must be normal as this seems to be my normal state, but others says its not normal. wtf. normal. what the f is it?

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Depression in one word?

  March 19th, 2019 by noblube

– lost

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Rumors @ innuendos …

  March 19th, 2019 by Spokestoo

Anybody hear anything about there being an apartment building that has been referred to by the name of this site ??? Maybe in some sort of doublespeak or real low channel . Like people being warned to death or being in the center of life insurance fraud schemes …

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  March 19th, 2019 by EmptyPluto

Don’t speak. The world won’t hear lies that way.

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Music and stuff (pointless, dont read)

  March 19th, 2019 by PatheticMale

Hey.  If you guys remember I said I wont post anymore because it only makes it worse for me but this doesnt count coz its not a rant. Anyway sorry for wasting up space here with non-suicide related stuff. I am trying to change my life for  better now. It is really slow and so far nothing has really changed on the outside, I am still addicted to weed, but I feel like my mindset is gradually  getting better. I try to push myself out of my comfort zone, even was on a few dates for the first time of my life. It didnt really …

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i tried and i dont think anything matters

  March 19th, 2019 by lostcase

so i tried because i was so tired and i couldnt care less about anything else, i dont give a fuck weather anyone would be sad or mad, i texted goodbye two friends and wrote the rest letters, one tried to stop me but i told them this is what has to be done. so after cutting many stupid cuts on my stupid leg i looked at my arm and got too weak to cut it open so i opened the pill bottle and ate it all. i was already dizzy from blood loss and fainted on the bathroom floor. a tiny while later i …

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I’m going to die

  March 18th, 2019 by edrudd

I got completely impotent after stoping pristiq and lamictal and taking 1 invega injection. PSSS MIXED WITH ANTIPSYCHOTIC POISON. I am 18 and I was murdered by psychiatric. I had a life… a fucking future… I can’t even have an erection with viagrs my dick is dead. And I’m not even depressed . I’m not feeling depressed that makes it difficult to kill myself. I’m not depressed but I am being tortured 24/7 that’s worst than being depressed.
This is me. A guy with a good future who have to kill himself because he was castrated by greedy pill makers. I should never have taken any …

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Who Am I?

  March 18th, 2019 by Insomnia disaster

Who am I you may ask? How can I tell you who I am if I don’t even know myself?
I don’t know who I am today
I know who I used to be
I miss her
Her smile and determination
Her drive and passion
Here naivety
Her eyes filled with energy
That girl could dream a dream though
They were so vivid, colorful and plentiful
Today I dream the same dream over and over again, only it’s a nightmare now
It always ends in unforgiving darkness as I realize that I’m imprisoned. Chained and weighed down by the mighty unrelenting force of my own mind
But she is gone, she died a long time ago
Right now …

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The social experiment

  March 18th, 2019 by awis

It’s hard to actually commit suicide. Before we do that, we try to use out all the resources to prevent our own deaths. A few weeks ago, when I’ve became sucidal, I’ve became genuinely affraid of the seriousness of my intents. I reminded myself of those stories, where a depressed person gets to be saved just because they decided to confess and reach out to someone. So, I’ve decided to do the same. I was looking for a sign to give me one faint reason not to kill myself. Guess what… Yeah, you’ve guessed right.

I was so alone and desperate that I used to hang …

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a beast has just ripped out my heart

  March 18th, 2019 by an_old_child

you can skip the first paragraph

i used to be suicidal some years ago, but i tried really hard and now i’m actually successful. i’m a computer engineering student and my grades are so good that i can go for masters degree without entrance exam. i’m a digital artist too and i’m currently an intern in a game development studio. it’s what i always wanted. although having to study hard and working at the same time is sometimes overwhelming, but it’s good. it makes me feel productive. it’s cool. i also actually managed losing one of my good …

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  March 18th, 2019 by careforme

Last we talked you all found out I lost my baby and life was really hard for me. Well I found out that i may never be able to have kids and if I do i’d be at high risk not what i wanted to hear but hey who knows maybe something great will happen. Anyway I told my dad about my depression and how there were times i wanted to die or start self harming and he understood a little and is trying to understand my situation better he said he’d get me help if i needed it my family is actually being their …

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  March 18th, 2019 by unknownsoldier

That’s a fucking wrap. I’m done with this life.

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Why am I still here?

  March 18th, 2019 by strawberrycrown

I honestly don’t even know why I am still here. I look back and think of how many times I have been up at night crying, sometimes for not much reason at all. I look back and wonder why I have been so ready to go but haven’t yet. I don’t have the energy to be here anymore. I dont have the social capability to function here anymore. It has taken me too many rough patches to realise that there is nothing keeping me back here anymore. I just know that I can’t handle being here for another hour longer.

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  March 18th, 2019 by Dungeon

this is exhausting
what am i supposed to do
honestly i feel closer than i have ever been , yet i feel like ive said that many times before
i feel extremely guilty about even acknowledging that but at the the same time time i feel a moment of relief in the thought
honestly I don’t know what im going to do, ive lost all progress.
the only thing holding me back is the fear of hurting my parents by going through with it, its also all that i have left
but at the same time the weight just gets heavier by every moment
I don’t know how to deal …

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One day it’ll all be over

  March 18th, 2019 by Soda

I was thinking about how self-important we humans feel we are. “No one suffers more than I do. Life has been so unfair only to me. My problems are the biggest, etc.” we say to ourselves.

When I think back on my life, I realize how useless it really has become for me. I remember how great and lofty I felt in my early 20s (aside from the times I was feeling down about myself).

I was going to university, feeling like a big shot because I was doing a difficult degree program which also paid well once you graduated, dated some hot university chicks, I …

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Silent Guardian Owl

  March 18th, 2019 by Night In Atlantis

It is already far too late in the day and the dead of night will soon be here, but for once I feel alive and the urge to be somewhere else. You have been a loyal companion in my thoughts for some time, and I set out to look for you.

Warm summer sun on my back, be kind to me. I feel a single bead of sweat trickle down and sting my eye. The hill ridges carry on endlessly, with shortness of breath and drunk with fatigue I stumble but keep walking determinedly. Where are you, night …

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